Help - FAQ respects your privacy.

We do not sell, rent, or trade any of your personal information to third parties. We request only the information necessary to process your online food order.

Your email address is shared only with local restaurants.

For more datails about your privacy, please visit link Privacy (bottom of all site pages). occasionally shares Promo codes to its users. Besides that, we are occasionally using social media as a distribution channel for sharing these Promo codes.
How to use a Promo code?
1. Choose a restaurant with a Promo codes label.
2. Add articles of your choice to the Shopping basket, click on Order Now and choose your Payment method.
3. Below the field for choosing Payment method, in the Promo code area, insert your received Promo code, then click on Send my order to the restaurant.
After this, your order amount will be automatically adjusted using the value of your Promo code, and you will pay a reduced amount.

We and our users value all your activities on, so you get points for each of following activities:

  • Order (5)
  • Review without photo (5)
  • Review with photo (8)
  • Review delete (-5)
  • Someone votes for your review (1)
  • Someone votes against your review (-1)

Based on these points, users may get a medal and get a higher membership level:

  1. Basic (0-99)
  2. Bronze (100-499)
  3. Silver (500-1499)
  4. Gold (1500-4499)
  5. Platinum (4500-9999)
  6. Diamond (10000-29999)
  7. Star (30000+)

Public member levels are very useful within restaurant reviews as readers can value reviews according the membership level of reviewer. In addition, from time to time we are sharing these Promo codes to users, and the value of Promo code depends on the level of user membership - the membership level is higher, the amount Promo of the code is larger.

The number of user points is not a public information, we are showing the membership level only.

Comments on system are intended to help our users to exchange opinions and experiences, as well as to facilitate the choice of the restaurant for the new users. Only users that ordered through system are allowed to leave a comment on certain restaurant.

Every restaurant can get points for the following:

  • Quality of food
  • Choice of meals
  • Prices
  • Service and Delivery
Based on these criteria, the system forms one "grade" of the restaurant, expressed by the number of the stars aside the restaurants name.

You pay cash on delivery. For restaurants in PayOnline service, you can pay online (payments cards).

NO. is a system for ordering the food, but the food is being delivered and charged by the restaurant that you ordered from, in cash.

So, you don't need to leave any information regarding your credit card if you want to order food through system.

For selected restaurants, you may use PayOnline option, if you like to pay online.

On average, delivery orders take 45 minutes to arrive.

Once submitted, begins processing your order instantly. Orders are normally transmitted electronically to the restaurant within seconds of submission. You will receive a confirmation email after your order has been received by the restaurant.

Please be aware that delivery time may be longer during poor weather conditions or traffic jam.

You can always contact the restaurant directly to inquire about the status of your order. Restaurant contact information can be found in the order confirmation email.

In the declining e-mail that you will get, it will be stated the reason of declining.

If your order is declined for any reason except GPRS communication problems (which do not depend on us, and affect all the country), you can always order food from some other restaurant.

To make changes to the order in your shopping cart, use the tools that stay next to the articles in the cart.

If you'd like to make a change to an order you've already submitted, please contact the restaurant directly. Restaurant contact information can always be found in the email we send you after the order is placed.

After submitting ordering form to the restaurant, you will get the possibility to click a link for tracking your order status.

First status is "Waiting for an answer", and is active from the moment that your order is sent to the restaurant, until the restaurant sends an answer. The possible answers are "Accepted" and "Denied".

After submitting ordering form to the restaurant, you will get e-mail message with the details of your order and the telephone number of the restaurant, for any change of the order.

If your order is denied, you will get e-mail with the reason of denial.

If you already know which food you want, just type the name into the search box on the top of the page.

You will get, as a result, all the restaurants in your area that offer that food, so you need only to choose amongst them.

Fast and easy:)

Choose your area, than choose the restaurant in that area that you prefer, and the food you want. If the restaurant offers some options for the food you want, they will be listed below and you can check them. If the option is free of charge, there will be no price for it, and if the option is charged, the price is written next to it.

After picking the food, put it into the shopping cart, and click "Order" button.

Ordering process consists of three steps:

1) Entering information, which means:

  • valid e-mail
  • valid cellular number
  • password
After submiting the form, you should get a SMS message on your cellular phone, containing your activation code.

2) Personal information - necessary for reentering the system (user name), as well as for the delivery purpose (name, surname, telephone number, full address)

3) Activation - Enter the activation code you got on the activation page, and you will be logged in automatically.

If you don't get the activation code few minutes after submiting the form, please try again.

It is absolutely free!

You pay only what the restaurant charges for the food and delivery. Even better - we'll try to save your money whenever is possible. It costs nothing to register and find out exactly what restaurants deliver to you! is an online restaurant ordering service that lets you find local restaurants, browse menus, and place orders for delivery or take-out at no extra charge. It saves your time, your nerves and often even your money.

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