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Only One Chinese Restaurant

3.8 / 23
Zelimira Vidovica Kelija 19
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Minimum: 20.00 KM
Free delivery
Chicken, Vegetarian food, Fish and Sea, Asian food, Chinese food
Every single dish from this restaurant will enchant you with its original recipe and aromatic spices and bring spirit of China in your home.

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4.7 / 67
Oprkanj 2
Delivery starts at 09:00
Minimum: 10.00 KM
Free delivery
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Grill, Domestic food
Specialities of meat for a clean five! Pljeskavica, cevapi and sudzuk, as well as dishes from chicken meat prepared just for you...

Cevabdzinica Brajlovic

4.6 / 137
Dzemala Bijedica next to 48
50 minutes. Delivery until 22:00
Minimum: 7.00 KM
Free delivery
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Grill, Chicken, Domestic food
Many years of experience and secret recipes of the Brajlovic family in making Sarajevo's cevapi, guarantees you the top quality of both cevapi and other grilled dishes.

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  • Delivery info: Free delivery!

    Delivery only to the street address. You can take over your order in front of building or house.



Chinese klepe with meat Popular

8 pieces in portion. Young beef, cabbage, ginger, eggs, spices
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Chinese klepe with vegetables

8 pieces in portion. Cabbage, carrot, egg, spices

Spring rolls with meat Popular

2 pieces in portion. Young beef
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Spring rolls with vegetables Popular

2 pieces in portion. Cabbage, carrot, leek, ginger, eggs
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San Pierre with Chinese spices

Fried fish fillet

Cold dishes

Cold dishes

Beef salad

Garlic, cucumber, vinegar, soy sauce, veal

Chinese vemceli salad

Cucumber, cabbage, carrot, rice vemceli, vinegar, salt, oil

Cucumber salad on Chinese style

Cucumber, garlic, vinegar, salt, oil

Mix spicy salad Spicy Popular

Onion, cucumber, cabbage, carrot, tomato, vinegar, sauce, hot peppers, oil, lettuce
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Tomato salad


Chicken salad with chinese cabbage


Fried peanuts

300 grams



Veal soup with dumplings


Veal soup with eggs

Chopped veal, corn, peas, zucchini, carrot, mushrooms, eggs, sesame oil

Yuntun soup


Lamb soup

Chopped lamb, tomato, paprika, parsley, sesame oil

Corn soup

Chicken, peas, eggs, corn, sesame oil

Hot sour soup Popular

Tomato, cabbage, carrots, zucchini, chinese vinegar, chili, sesame oil
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Chicken soup with dumplings


Chicken soup with eggs


Soup with seafood


Spaghetti soup

Home-made noodles, poached egg, young beef, lettuce



Curry chicken

Onion, curry, potato, chicken drumsticks

Gong bao chicken Popular

Paprika, carrot, mushrooms, chicken fillet cut into cubes, fried peanuts in grain, piquant

Spicy chicken zica Spicy

Hot paprika, chicken fillet, Chinese black mushrooms, carrot

Sour sweet chicken Popular

Fried chicken, paprika, onion, pineapple
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Chicken wings in coca cola sauce

Wings in coca cola

Chicken in lemon sauce

Chicken fillet, lemon, spices

Chicken with avocado

Chicken fillet, avocado, paprika, spices

Special chicken

Chicken fillet, potato, paprika, leek, soy sauce, mushrooms, hot peppers

Chicken in vinegar sauce

Chicken fillet, celery, cucumber, carrot, garlic, chinese rice vinegar

Chicken in soy sauce

Chicken fillet, cucumber, carrot, spices

Fried chicken wings

Chicken wings 200 grams

Fried balls of chicken

Chicken drumsticks 200 grams, minced and formed into balls, salt, pepper, leek, ginger

Fried chicken fillet

200 grams

Fried chicken with vegetables

Chicken fillet, Swiss chard, broccoli, celery, onion, carrot, paprika, spices

Fried chicken with green chili

Chicken drumstick, garlic, hot paprika, paprika, spices
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Fried chicken drumstick

Fried boneless chicken drumstick 2 pieces, salt, pepper

Chicken satay

Chicken fillet 180 grams, paprika, mushrooms, carrot, zucchini, onion, garlic, peanut butter



Turkey sechuan style

Turkey, broccoli, swiss chard, paprika, onion, dry chili, sechuan pepper

Turkey with vegetables

Turkey, broccoli, swiss chard, paprika, onion



Beefsteak with green paprika

Beefsteak cut into small pieces, green paprika, onion

Garlic veal explosion

Veal, garlic, leek, chinese vinegar, sugar, spices

Lamb with garlic

Lamb, garlic, leek, Chinese vinegar, sugar, spices

Lamb with sauerkraut

Lamb 200 grams, sauerkraut, hot paprika, spices

Lamb in soy sauce

With vegetables (onion, carrot, paprika)

Sour and sweet beefsteak with garlic

Breaded beefsteak cut into small pieces, garlic, cucumber, carrot, sour and sweet sauce

Boiled veal in sechuan sauce

Veal, cabbage, swiss chard, celery, sechuan pepper, dried chili. Very hot

Breaded beefsteak on chinese style

Breaded beefsteak cut into small pieces with a sauce of crushed pepper, sesame, spices

Lamb special Spicy

Hot. Dry chili, green chili, onion, lamb 200 grams
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Veal on Beijing style

Veal served with lettuce and leek, sesame seeds, sesame oil

Veal with black beans sauce

Veal, green chili, onion, red paprika, bean sauce

Veal with cucumber

Veal 200 grams, cucumber, garlic, soy sauce, salt, pepper

Veal special

Veal, paprika, bamboo, chinese black mushrooms, leek

Green paprika with three kinds of meat

Turkey 80 grams, veal 50 grams, chicken 80 grams, green paprika, onion

Beef kabob

Ramsteak 300 grams, hot peppers, sesame, spices

Mongolian beef

Ramsteak 200 grams, hot red pepper, onion, sweet sauce

Dry fried veal

Veal 250 grams, ginger, hot and red paprika, Sechuan pepper, sesame

Fish and shrimps

Fish and shrimps

Stewed fish on Chinese style

Leek, ginger, peas, carrot, zucchini, mushrooms

Stewed fish in sechuan sauce

Garlic, peas, carrot, leek, spices

Stewed shrimps on Chinese style

500 grams of shrimps. Served on a very thin french fries

Sour sweet Lubin fish

Lubin 500 grams, garlic, peas, sweet sauce

Sour sweet fish fillet

San Pierre file into pieces with pineapple, onion, paprika, sour sweet sauce

Squid with black bean sauce

Squids 200 grams, hot and red paprika, onion, black bean sauce

Breaded shrimps with sesame

Shrimps 500 grams, sesame

Breaded squids on Chinese style

Breaded calamari pieces and served with a lettuce in ginger sauce

Fried shrimp with vegetables

Shrimps 300 grams, tomato, zucchini, garlic, spices

Fried rice combination

Young beef 50 grams, chicken 50 grams, seafood 50 grams, spices, boiled rice

Fried rice with seafood

Swiss chard, onion, seafood, carrot, paprika, rice, zucchini, soy sauce, spices

Fried spaghetti with seafood

Swiss chard, onion, carrot, paprika, spaghetti, zucchini, soy sauce, spices

Fried squids with vegetables

Sviss chard, broccoli, celery, onion, squids, paprika, spices

Fried shrimp tails with vegetables

Shrimp tails, mixed vegetables and oyster sauce

Fried fish fillet with vegetables

San Pierre file and mix vegetables seasonal

Hong Kong shrimps

Garlic, ginger, hot peppers, shrimps, spices



Fried mixed vegetables

Seasonal vegetables fried in a wok

Tomato with eggs

Tomato 400 grams, 4 eggs, spices

Eggplant on chinese style

Fried on garlic

Breaded eggplant Spicy

Hot. Stuffed with young beef meat and piquant sauce

Eggs with leek

6 eggs, finely chopped leek 60 grams

Fried rice with mix vegetables

Swiss chard, onion, cabbage, carrot, paprika

Fried chinese cabbage

With garlic

Fried potato with chilli

Potato 500 grams, chili

Tiger chili Spicy

Very hot. Green chili 300 grams, black sauce

Side dishes

Side dishes

Boiled rice

100 grams

Meat bread

2 pieces of bread stuffed with young beef meat

Noodles Popular

Boiled noodles 150 grams

Fried rice with eggs Popular

300 grams
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Fried rice with shrimps Popular

Shrimp 150 grams, peas, carrots, rice 300 grams

Fried rice with chicken

Chicken fillet 150 grams, peas, carrot, rice 300 grams
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Fried rice with veal and salads

Veal 150 grams, peas, carrot, rice 300 grams, lettuce

Fried spaghetti with cabbage

Noodles 200 grams, cabbage 400 grams, spices

Fried spaghetti with chicken without vegetables

Noodles 200 grams, chicken fillet 200 grams, spices
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Cherry rolls with vanilla

Tortilla stuffed with cherries with vanilla sauce

Candied banana with sesame

Fried banana in sugar sauce with sesame

Fruit salad

350 grams. Mixed fruits with honey and whipped cream


Monday10:00 - 20:00
Tuesday10:00 - 20:00
Wednesday10:00 - 20:00
Thursday10:00 - 20:00
Friday10:00 - 20:00
Saturday10:00 - 20:00


Delivery info: Delivery is free of charge!

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Najbolji restoran u Sarajevu

Food quality
Menu selection

Autenticna kineska kuhinja. U Sarajevu rijetko imate sta dobro pojesti tako da je ovaj restoran odlican izbor za kvalitetnu hranu.

Kineske klepe/dumplingsi su veoma ukusni, salate su osvjezavajuce; pogotovo ljuta salata. Glavna jela i izbor su odlicni, steta samo sto na Donesi meniju nema beef in black pepper sauce i peking duck, inace bi dala pet zvijezdica. Cijene su dobre s obzirom na kolicine porcija.

Drago mi je da ponovo dostavljaju na, nadam se da ce tako ostati.


Food quality
Menu selection

Great food! I ordered all vegetarian dishes and was pleased with each one. I found portions large. Would be nice for packaging to be something other than styrofoam.

Good food, super late

Food quality
Menu selection

Ordered at just after 7pm. Didn’t arrive until almost 9pm, despite a 65min wait time quote. Driver couldn’t find our house and we had 4 phone calls to try to work things out. Food is good but would have been better hot. Delivery man did discount the order by 20km for the lateness. Probably better just to go to the restaurant.

Toplo preporucujem

Food quality
Menu selection

Prezadovoljna sam hranom i uslugom zaista :)


Food quality
Menu selection

Ocjena se odnosi samo na naručenu hranu, prvi put naručujemo iz ovog restorana, ali nismo bili oduševljeni uslugom, gdje je momak prvobitno donio pogrešnu narudžbu, pa smo morali sići i zamijeniti za ispravnu koja je procurila na sve strane. Za ove cijene očekivati je bolju uslugu.
Sam kvalitet hrane je srednji, ništa posebno, povrće je bilo prekuhano, a ne malo skuhano kao sto bi trebalo biti, a jedan je ukus dominirao cijelim jelom. Na kraju smo naručili iz drugog restorana.

Miris orijenta

Food quality
Menu selection

Orijentalna kuhinja se osjeti u svakom jelu koje sam jeo u ovom restoranu i naručio iz njega. Gong Bao piletina sa kikirikijem je odlična, kao i povrtna salata na kineski način.


Food quality
Menu selection

Kasni 15 minuta

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