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Restoran bar Ulica

4.8 / 3
Kozarska bb
Delivery starts at 10:00
Minimum: 8.00 KM
Free delivery
Mediterranean food, Italian food, Pizza, Pancakes, Pasta, Breakfast, Burgers
Pizza, burgers, pasta, sausage... Excellent offer for all your sence.

Rostiljnica Bojic

4.8 / 38
Save Kovacevica 13
Delivery starts at 08:00
Minimum: 5.00 KM
Free delivery
Grill, Domestic food
Delicious grill specialties could be right at your doorstep. Good quality and low prices. Try out!

Leskovacki rostilj 016

4.4 / 7
Milosa Obrenovica bb
Delivery starts at 15:00
Minimum: 8.00 KM
Free delivery
Grill, Domestic food
Try out grill to whom you will come back. Affordable prices and fast delivery. Bon appetite!

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