Hell's kitchen - New York Slice Delivery

Hell's kitchen.....540.00 RSD

New York Slice Hell's kitchen

Spicy. Peeled tomato, cheese, ham, pepperoni sausage, chili pepper, sour cream, oregano



Additional - 28 cm

Additional - 36 cm

Additions L 51 cm

Additions XL 51 cm

Instructions (not required)

Please specify any special preparation or package requests, like 'no garlic', or 'for John'... Food special requests may result in additional charges.


New York Slice

4.7 / 368
35 minutes. Delivery non-stop
Minimum: 380.00 RSD
0.00 - 160.00 RSD
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Mediterranean food, Italian food, Pizza
New York style pizza right from pizzaiolo's hands right to your plate. Fast, with low prices and unique!