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  • Amerikanac
    Home made specialties, grill and many more. Enjoy in every bite!
  • Avala Plus
    Large selection of home-made specialties at the best prices. Order now and enjoy!
  • Bau Vau
    Pasta, risotto, chicken, pancakes, sandwiches, salads... So much, all delicious and good quality, order online and see for yourself!
  • Beer Garden
    Burgers and chicken with beer are a winning combination. Order online and enjoy the company!
  • Bona Fortuna
    Happiness is when you find in one place refreshing salad, pasta, sandwiches, pancakes and even over 20 types of pizza, both with traditional taste, as well as some with completely new and surprising tastes. It's worth a try!
  • Capoeira
    Order and enjoy the delicious dishes of the restaurant Capoeira in your home!
  • Hallo Capri
    Many years of experience, fast delivery, interesting choice of pizzas and sandwiches - above all that a lots of gifts for you!
  • Cezar
    Italian and local pizzas, sandwiches in warm flat bread, salad meal, salty and sweet pancakes. Order and enjoy.
  • Cvijicevo Sokace
    Great grill for true gourmands. Pljeskavice, cevapi, vesalice, chicken... Tasty, fresh and high quality food!
  • Dagi Plus
    Meat meals, barbeque, roasted meat, prepared meals, and more. Make your order and enjoy.
  • Dom rukometa
    Large selection of homemade food and grilled dishes. Order now and enjoy!
  • Duga noć
    Grilled specialties, fish specialties, cooked meals, roasted meat, light appetizers, and more for you and your company.
  • Dusanov Konak
    The specialties of this restaurant include grilled specialties, cooked meals, fish and desserts. Enjoy every bite!
  • El Barco
    Fish specialties and seafood prepared in a unique way. Taste it once and you'll want it again.
  • Etno kafana Porta
    Traditional taste of grill, cold and warm appetizers, chorba, boiled dish, desserts...
  • Fidel Kastro
    Great and tasty food. Make your order and try!
  • Forza Trio
    Great choice of Italian specialties. Order and try!
  • Fresco Pizza Bar
    Just for you... pizzas and sandwiches. Order and try!
  • Geppetto
    Geppetto offers you a variety of pizzas, sandwiches and savory and sweet pancakes. Choose from their offerings and expect delivery at your doorstep soon.
  • Gluten free
    Unique offer gluten-free and lactose-free food. Pizzas, sandwiches and desserts in a completely new style. Order online and enjoy!

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