Top 10 restaurants for home delivery - Krusevac


El Gusto

4.3 / 125
Trg Kosovskih Junaka BB
Delivery starts at 11:00
Minimum: 500.00 RSD
Free delivery
Mediterranean food, Italian food, Sandwiches, Grill, Pizza, Pancakes, Serbian food, Breakfast
Tasty pizzas, sandwiches, grill specialties, savory and sweet pancakes. Order online and treat yourself and your friends.


3.8 / 19
Dragomira Gajica 38
Delivery starts at 18:00
Minimum: 600.00 RSD
Free delivery
Grill, Pizza, Pancakes, Serbian food, Desserts, International food
Well known fast food place. Pizza, sandwiches, pljeskavitse, grilled chicken, ice cream... Good prices and top quality.

Pasta Bar

4.5 / 26
Dusanova 44
Delivery starts at 10:00
Minimum: 600.00 RSD
External delivery charge
Mediterranean food, Italian food, Pizza, Pasta
Authentic Italian dishes prepared by original recipes. Enjoy in scents of Italy in your home.

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