Top 10 restaurants for home delivery - Kraljevo


Djole Sadjo

4.4 / 39
Hajduk Veljkova 3, lokal 6
45 minutes. Delivery until 00:00
Minimum: 100.00 RSD
Delivery charge
Online payments
Mediterranean food, Italian food, Sandwiches, Pizza
A large selection of pizzas, tortillas and sweet pancakes. Choose your favorite meal and enjoy.

Gurmanski ukus

Hajduk Veljkova 20 b
No online ordering
Minimum: 300.00 RSD
Delivery charge
Online payments
Italian food, Sandwiches, Grill, Pizza, Pancakes, Serbian food, Chicken
Sandwiches, grill, pizza, Serbian food, drinks. Order and see for yourself.

Pizzeria Fast

4.5 / 36
Oktobarskih zrtava 36
35 minutes. Delivery until 23:55
Minimum: 200.00 RSD
0.00 - 40.00 RSD
Mediterranean food, Italian food, Sandwiches, Grill, Pizza, Serbian food, Breakfast
Choose something from a large offer of Italian specialties, grilled and meat dishes and sandwiches. After just few clicks food will be at your doorstep.

Restoran Nacional 2000

3.8 / 3
Karadjordjeva 209
50 minutes. Delivery until 23:00
Minimum: 800.00 RSD
Delivery charge
Grill, Pancakes, Serbian food
The best of Serbian cuisine. Cevapi, sausages, chicken, pljeskavice, steaks, kabobs and mush more tasty and juicy from the grill.

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