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Gurmanski ukus

Hajduk Veljkova 20 b
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Minimum: 300.00 RSD
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Italian food, Sandwiches, Grill, Pizza, Pancakes, Serbian food, Chicken
Sandwiches, grill, pizza, Serbian food, drinks. Order and see for yourself.

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In a bun

Small pljeskavica 100 grams


Large pljeskavica 150 grams Popular


Gourmet pljeskavica 240 grams

Bacon, cheese

Stuffed pljeskavica 240 grams

Bacon, cheese, marinaded mushrooms

Extra gourmet pljeskavica 300 grams

Beef meat 200 grams, pancetta, cheese, smoked neck

Special pljeskavica 250 grams

Bacon, cheese, hot peppers, red onion

Cevap 5 pieces in a bun


Cevap piece

30 grams

Chicken fillet 180 grams


Stuffed fillet 230 grams

Smoked neck, cheese, caul fat

Chicken drumstick 180 grams


Stuffed chicken drumstick 250 grams

Smoked neck, cheese, caul fat

Chicken smoked drumstick 180 grams


Chicken kabob 220 grams


Colorful pork kabob 150 grams

Paprika, onion

Smoked sausage 170 grams


Smoked neck 180 grams


Smoked pork fillet 250 grams


White vesalica 180 grams


Stuffed white vesalica 250 grams Popular

Smoked neck, cheese, caul fat

Stuffed fillet without caul fat 250 grams

Smoked neck, cheese

Stuffed white vesalica without caul fat 230 grams


Bacon 180 grams


Grill per kilo

Chicken wings 1 kg Popular


Smoked pork guts 1 kg Popular


Boneless chicken drumstick 1 kg


Chicken fillet 1 kg


Smoked sausage 1 kg


Bacon 1 kg


Cevapi 1 kg


Smoked pork neck 1 kg


Gourmand Special 1 kg

10 kabobs, smoked sausage, bacon

Special grill offer 1.5 kg

Smoked pork fillet, 5 cevapa, big pljeskavica, kabob, drumstick, fried cheese, cornflakes chicken, white vesalica, 4 buns, big french fries

Gourmand mix 1.4 pounds

15 cevapa, smoked neck, sausage, stuffed pljeskavica, 500 grams of chicken wings, 4 buns, big french fries

Gourmand taste 1.3 kg

15 cevapa, smoked neck, sausage, gourmet pljeskavica, bacon, chicken fillet, 4 buns, big french fries

Mixed meat 1 kg

10 cevapa, sausage, big pljeskavica, bacon, chicken fillet, 4 buns, big french fries

Fried meals

In bun

Fried sesame fillet 200 grams Popular


Fried fillet in cornflakes 200 grams


Fried cheese 150 grams



Warm sandwich ham, cheese


Warm sandwich smoked ham, cheese


Warm kulen sandwich, cheese


Warm sandwich tuna


Gourmand sandwich

Prosciutto, cheese, french fries, lettuce, tomato


Capricciosa Popular

Peeled tomato, cheese, ham, mushrooms, oregano, olives

Serbiana Spicy Popular

Peeled tomato, cheese, ham, bacon, kulen, egg, oregano, fefferoni


Peeled tomato, cheese, oregano, olives


Peeled tomato, cheese, ham, oregano, olives


Peeled tomato, cheese, kulen, oregano, olives


Peeled tomato, vegetable cheese, mushrooms, onion, oregano, olives


Peeled tomato, cheese, ham, sausage, pancetta, kulen, smoked neck, onion, oregano, olives


Peeled tomato, cheese, tuna, oregano, olives


French fries 400 grams


French fries 200 grams


Bun 150 grams



1 piece. 40 cm

Pancake ham, cheese


Pancake smoke neck, cheese


Pancake kulen, cheese Popular



1 piece. 40 cm

Pancake sugar


Pancake jam


Pancake cream


Pancake eurocrem, plazma


Pancake eurocrem, coconut


Pancake eurocrem, banana


Pancake eurocrem, plazma , banana Popular


Pancake nutella


Pancakes nutella, plazma Popular


Pancake nutella, coconut


Pancake nutella, plazma, banana



Water water 0.5 l


Mirinda 0.5 l


Mirinda 0.33 l


Ivi 0.33 l


7up 0.25 l


Mirinda 0.25 l


Guarana 0.25 l


Fanta 0.5 l


Tube multivitamin


Tube red mix


Tube orange


Sparkling water Vrnjci 0.5 l


Sparkling water Knjaz 0.5 l


Pepsi 0.25 l


Ultra 0.25 l


Coca Cola 0.5 l


Sprite 0.5 l



Serving and selling alcoholic products to children and young people under 18 years of age is prohibited.

Niksicko 0.5 l


Jelen 0.5 l


Niksicko 0.33 l


Jelen 0.33 l



Monday09:00 - 00:45
Tuesday09:00 - 00:45
Wednesday09:00 - 00:45
Thursday09:00 - 00:45
Friday09:00 - 00:45
Saturday09:00 - 00:45
Sunday09:00 - 00:45


Delivery charge notice: Delivery fee will be charged separately. Please see Delivery info.

Delivery info: Delivery charge apply!

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