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Pekara Bijeljinka

4.9 / 7
Racanska 13
Minimum: 4.00 KM
Free delivery
Grill, Pies
Exellent grill, great selection of meals under the bell, pastry, desserts. All of that, with only few clicks away from you - make your order and enjoy in every single bite.

Pasta Bar

4.6 / 79
Sava Kovacevic 2
Delivery starts at 12:00
Minimum: 5.50 KM
Free delivery
Pasta, Italian cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine
Italian cuisine lovers you are at the right place. A large selection of great pasta, pizzas, meal salad and desserts quickly arrives at your address!

Pizzeria Pronto

4.3 / 68
Dusana Baranjanina 3b
Delivery starts at 08:30
Minimum: 3.00 KM
Free delivery
Grill, Pizza, Chicken, Sandwiches, Italian cuisine, Domestic cuisine, Vegetarian food, Fish & Sea food, Mediterranean cuisine, Breakfast
Great offer for you. Grill, pizzas, fish specialties and fasting meals. Find your combination and enjoy!

Cevabdzinica Toranj

4.4 / 31
Nusiceva 30
Delivery starts at 07:30
Minimum: 5.00 KM
Free delivery
Grill, Domestic cuisine
Grill prepared by traditional recipes, excellent quality and taste. For all the gourmets in Bijeljina, at affordable prices!

Restoran Gurman - Leskovacki rostilj

4.5 / 62
Trg Kralja Petra I Karadjordjevica 15
Delivery starts at 10:00
Minimum: 5.00 KM
Free delivery
Grill, Chicken, Vegetarian food, Desserts
Enjoy in the best domestic grill specialties. Cevapi, pljeskavice, sausages, chicken, vesalice and much more for all true gourmands.


4.8 / 112
Stefana Dečanskog 176
Minimum: 1.00 KM
Free delivery
Promo codes
Grill, Pizza, Chicken, Sandwiches, Pancakes, Pasta, Italian cuisine, Vegetarian food, Mediterranean cuisine, Breakfast
Unique specialties of Italian cuisine. Pizza, pasta, omelets, barbecue, fasting menu, sandwiches and pancakes. Discover the charms of marvelous food and enjoy.


4.6 / 159
Dositeja Obradovica 23a
Minimum: 5.00 KM
Free delivery
Pizza, Sandwiches, Pancakes, Italian cuisine, Breakfast
The best offer for breakfast, afternoon snack or supper. Sandwiches, meals, omelets, salads and pancakes after just few clicks will be at your address.

Prva prava

4.8 / 3
Racanska 113
Minimum: 4.00 KM
Free delivery
Grill, Pizza, Burgers
First the real taste of pizzas, burgers, grill, douts for a few clicks to you!

San Marco Bijeljina

4.3 / 31
Nikole Tesle 10
Delivery starts at 08:00
Minimum: 6.00 KM
Free delivery
Grill, Pizza, Sandwiches, Pancakes, Pasta, Italian cuisine, Domestic cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, Breakfast
Specialities for everyone. Choose, order and enjoy!

Cevabdzinica Semberka

4.2 / 26
Nusiceva 4
Delivery starts at 08:00
Minimum: 5.00 KM
Free delivery
You can just order 5, 7 or more or less kabobs, and Semberka will prepare this for you on the best way ever


4.0 / 7
Srpske vojske 276
Delivery starts at 09:00
Minimum: 4.00 KM
Free delivery
Grill, Domestic cuisine, Cooked meals, Vegetarian food
Order and experience it gastronomic enjoyment, both in the grill specialties, and in a great breakfast!

Cevabdzinica Gold

Svetozara Ćorovića 34
Delivery starts at 09:00
Minimum: 5.00 KM
Free delivery
Grill, Chicken, Domestic cuisine, Cooked meals
Delicious grilled specialties, as well as cooked meals with fresh salads ... and there is a perfect meal for you!

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