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Lokal Meatball Bar

Omladinskih Brigada 86 e
Restaurant too busy
Minimum: 100.00 RSD
Delivery charge
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Mediterranean food, Italian food
Make your combination of meatballs, additions and sauces and enjoy in every bite. Order and try!

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Classic meatballs Popular

4 x 50 grams. Beef, ricotta, stew 200 grams

Chicken meatballs Popular

4 x 50 grams. Chicken, stew 200 grams

Lamb meatballs Popular

4 x 50 grams. Lamb, stew 200 grams

Piquant pork meatballs Popular

4 x 50 grams. Pork, stew 200 grams

Veggie balls Popular

4 x 50 grams. Spinach, carrot, parmesan, lentil, breaded crumbs, stew 200 grams


Burger Popular

3 meatballs + cheese + dip sauce

Meal salads

Lettuce mix

200 grams. Lola rosa, romana, radish, rocket

Beef salad

250 grams. Lettuce mix, honey and mustard dressing, beef sliced meatballs

Caesar salad

250 grams. Romana salad, bacon, crouttons, dressing, chicken, parmesan


Local mix Popular

200 grams. Mix arancini, Mini buffalo balls, Ricotta spinach balls

Arancini Popular

200 grams. Rice, ricotta

Mini buffalo balls Popular

200 grams. Chicken, cheese sauce

Ricotta spinach balls

200 grams. Ricotta, spinach


Bistro soup

0.3 l. Soup with vegetables
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Home made soup

0.3 l. Soup with dumplings and vegetables

Local soup

0.3 l. Soup with beef, noodles, vegetables, mushrooms


Salad seasonal vegetables

200 grams

Tomato salad

200 grams

Cucumber salad

200 grams

Cabbage salad Popular

200 grams



100 grams


100 grams. Flour


100 grams. Flour, eggs, yogurt



100 grams

Honey - mustard

100 grams

BBQ sauce

100 grams

Chef's sauce

100 grams


100 grams


Monday11:00 - 18:00
Tuesday11:00 - 18:00
Wednesday11:00 - 18:00
Thursday11:00 - 18:00
Friday11:00 - 18:00
Saturday11:00 - 18:00


Delivery charge notice: Delivery charge is 250 dinars!

Delivery info: Delivery charge is 250 dinars!

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  • Delivery charge is 250 dinars!

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