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Nebojsina 6
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Mediterranean food, Italian food, Pasta, Fish and Sea
Meals that brings old memories when you can do anything and had no fear. Order and enjoy!

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Summer rolls Popular

180 grams. Grilled zucchini rolls with goat cheese and tomato

ID tatar beefsteak Popular

200 grams. Old fashion tatar beefsteak, butter, baked bread

Burrata cheese

150 grams. Italian fresh cheese, rocket, cherry tomato


150 grams. Chicken liver pate, toasted bread, forest strawberries jam

Passion Popular

200 grams. Crisp rolls with feta cheese, walnuts, honey


150 grams. Fried zucchini in panko breaded crumbs, shallot cream

Buzga Mirocki

200 grams. Grilled Miroc cheese on barley rice

Danilova cake

200 grams. Leek kish in crispy crumbs with Greek yogurt

Main dishes

Piju piju piju

350 grams. Slowly boiled chicken baked in oven with smoked cheese and mlinci

100% mangulica of handmade sausage

400 grams. Homemade mangulica sausages

Iberico - Secretos De Porco Popular

350 grams. Grilled Spain Iberico pork, potato

Emotional rezaonica

350 grams. Beefsteak, cauliflower cream, flamed carrot

ID mangulica

400 grams. Mangulica, risotto cream, crispy greaves

Melahonia Popular

400 grams. Sous-vide chicken, velvete sauce, caramelised hazelnut, mashed potato


350 grams. Ten cevapa in half flat bread with onion

Perversion Popular

400 grams. Baked lamb, aromatic potato in butter with crispy bacon


400 grams. Slowly cooked pork ribs baked in a homemade BBQ sauce, aromatic potato, coleslow salad

Crazy cow

400 grams. 100% young beef gourmet pljeskavica with bacon, cheese and onion. Homemade fried potato

With spoon

Mummy soup Popular

300 ml. Chicken soup, homemade noodles

Daddy's soup

300 ml. Veal chorba

My chorba

300 ml. Tomato chorba, parmesan net


Fairy pasta Popular

220 grams. Homemade hand-made tortellini stuffed with cheese with famed carrots and caramelized onion sauce

Aska pasta

280 grams. Slowly baked lamb, olives, young goat cheese, parmesan, pasta casarecce

Sea for poor pasta Popular

280 grams. Prawns, cherry tomato, rocket, parmesan, homemade tagliatelle

Toreador pasta

300 grams. Beefsteak, crispy bacon, parmesan, candelas pasta

Paradise garden - salads

250 grams

ID salad

250 grams. Salad with goat cheese, young spinach, pear, toasted walnuts in maple syrup, buckwheat bark

Brut salad

250 grams. Lettuce mix, sous-vide chicken, anchovies, rocket, caper, cherry tomato, mayonnaise dressing

Cabbage salad




Tomato salad


Cucumber salad


Lettuce mix with cherry tomato and parmesan


Lettuce mix with cherry tomato


Rocket with cherry tomato


Ferdinand salad

250 grams. Beefsteak, lettuce mix, rocket, cherry tomato, toasted bread, parmesan, mustard and honey dressing

Serbian salad Spicy

Tomato, cucumber, onion, paprika, chili pepper

Shopska salad

Tomato, cucumber, onion, paprika, cheese



Bugs Bunny

250 grams. Cauliflower cream with flamed carrot


250 grams. Tick cream with flamed pumpkin



400 grams. Perch fillet, cream risotto with cheese and crispy bacon

Fake Norwegian

400 grams. Grilled salmon, peas cream


350 grams. Risotto with prawns

Sea bass sous-vide

400 grams. Suvidaded and glazed sea bass fillet with cream risotto


Dirty Sanchez

180 grams. Chocolate brownie, caramel, vanilla ice cream, crispy chocolate tiles

Lemon and raspberry

180 grams. Lemon cream on crispy toasted nuts cramble, raspberry sorbet, caramel

Zana without Bebek

200 grams. Apple pie, vanilla ice cream

Bipolar disorder Popular

180 grams. Belgian chocolate parfe, warm hazelnut soup, hazelnut crunch

Pink Panther

180 grams. Date palms cake, caramel sauce, whipped cream


180 grams


Monday11:00 - 23:00
Tuesday11:00 - 23:00
Wednesday11:00 - 23:00
Thursday11:00 - 23:00
Friday11:00 - 23:00
Saturday11:00 - 23:00
Sunday11:00 - 23:00


Delivery charge notice: This restaurant uses external delivery service and delivery will be charged separately. Please see Delivery info.

Delivery info: Delivery charge is 250 dinars!

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Sve kako treba.

Nista spektalurno

Narucio sam gurmansku, meso je ok ali nista posebno, za 1000 dinara koliko kosta dobio sam gurmansku od 200 grama i krompir, obicno prilog ne ulazi u gramazu za porciju ali dobro ovde ide. Jednostavno ocekivao sam bolji kvalitet za tu cenu, gramaza mi nije toliko bitna.

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  • Delivery charge is 250 dinars!

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