Burrito with grilled mushrooms - Burrito Madre Ada Mall Delivery

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Burrito with grilled mushrooms.....350.00 RSD

Burrito Madre Ada Mall Burrito with grilled mushrooms

120 grams of vegetables. Vegetarian. Briefly fried vegetables seasoned with garlic, oregano and grated peel of lemon and lime



Choice of rice

Choice of beans

Choice of salsa and sauces

Choice of cheese

Choice of salad


Extras for burrito 1

Extras for burrito 2

Instructions (not required)

Please specify any special preparation or package requests, like 'no garlic', or 'for John'... Food special requests may result in additional charges.


Burrito Madre Ada Mall

4.3 / 39
Radnicka 9
60 minutes. Delivery until 22:30
Minimum: 100.00 RSD
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Beverages, Mexican food, Latinoamerican food
Fast and healthy Mexican food, with a burrito which one you can create as you wish and completely different lemonade, you will awaken all culinary senses and also will open new gastronomy horizons!