Top 10 restaurants for home delivery - Banjaluka



4.4 / 317
Vojvide Radomira Putnika 30
60 minutes. Delivery until 22:30
Minimum: 7.00 KM
Free delivery
Grill, Pizza, Pancakes, Italian cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, International cuisine, American cuisine
Great international dishes. Order and enjoy!


4.2 / 82
Cara Lazara 25
55 minutes. Delivery until 22:00
Minimum: 6.00 KM
Free delivery
Pizza, Chicken, Sandwiches, Pancakes, Italian cuisine, Domestic cuisine, Vegetarian food, Fish & Sea food, Mediterranean cuisine, Breakfast
Be prepared for real harmony of taste. Make your own combination of delicious meals from the local and mediterranean cuisine

Le Coq

4.6 / 1322
Stepe Stepanovica 88
50 minutes. Delivery until 22:45
Minimum: 5.00 KM
Free delivery
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Grill, Chicken, Sandwiches, Pancakes, Vegetarian food, Breakfast, Desserts
Chicken, veal, turkey, in Le Coq sauce, along with a variety of sandwiches and free side dishes, will make you order again...


4.2 / 264
Kralja Petra I Karadjordjevica 56
Delivery starts at 10:30
Minimum: 7.00 KM
Free delivery
Grill, Domestic cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, Breakfast, Greek cuisine
A place for good food! A large selection of barbecues and specialties of Mediterranean cuisine. Order and expect fast delivery.


4.4 / 29
Teodora Kolokotronisa 6
45 minutes. Delivery until 22:30
Minimum: 5.00 KM
Free delivery
Grill, Domestic cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, Greek cuisine
Kranjska sausage with cheese, shish Frans and grilled chicken are just some of delicious meals you can order online too!

Zeleno naruci

4.7 / 255
Patre 5
Ресторан презаузет
Minimum: 7.00 KM
Free delivery
Chicken, Sandwiches, Pasta, Italian cuisine, Cooked meals, Vegetarian food, Mediterranean cuisine, International cuisine, Breakfast, Macrobiotic food, Beverages, Fit food, Desserts, Vegan food, American cuisine, Burgers, Mexican cuisine
Enrich your busy day and treat yourself with lightly and quality meal. Exotic salads, wonderful soups and fruit juices, decision is all yours...

Cevabdzinica kod Muje

3.9 / 297
Brace Potkonjak bb
55 minutes. Delivery until 19:00
Minimum: 6.00 KM
Free delivery
Grill, Domestic cuisine
Enjoy in best grill specialties by affordable prices and fast delivery service, with 90 years of experience! Kabobs, cevapi, chicken "krpice", smoked sausage... just for you. Enjoy!


4.5 / 112
Vidovdanska 8
No online ordering
Minimum: 6.00 KM
Free delivery
Chicken, Domestic cuisine, Pies, American cuisine, Burgers
Delicious chicken specialties, quick and easy, with just a few clicks, at your address!

Rostiljnica kod Bace

4.4 / 77
Radoslava Lakića 2
55 minutes. Delivery until 21:45
Minimum: 6.00 KM
Free delivery
Grill, Chicken, Pancakes, Domestic cuisine, Cooked meals, Breakfast, Pies
Always fresh and tasty barbecue, pies, pancakes... Order online and see it for yourself!

Restoran Konak

4.6 / 186
Kraljice Marije 7
Minimum: 10.00 KM
Free delivery
Grill, Domestic cuisine, Cooked meals, Fish & Sea food, Breakfast
Spend your daily rest with a delicious and rich cuisine from the restaurant Konak. Meals prepared with love, with lots of spices and flavors.

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