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4.4 / 792
Vojvide Radomira Putnika 30
60 minutes. Delivery until 22:30
Minimum: 7.00 KM
Free delivery
Mediterranean food, Italian food, Grill, Pizza, Pancakes, International food, American food
Great international dishes. Order and enjoy!

Ustipkara i palacinkara Good food

4.5 / 116
Branka Popovica 75
45 minutes. Delivery until 20:00
Minimum: 10.00 KM
Free delivery
Grill, Pancakes, Chicken, Breakfast, Vegetarian food, Domestic food
Fritters and pancakes in combination with grill dishes, spreads, meats, eggs and as dessert, with meat slices and fasting dishes - choose as you like and try out!


4.8 / 43
Krajiskih brigada 129
40 minutes. Delivery until 21:40
Minimum: 7.00 KM
Free delivery
Grill, Chicken, Breakfast, Fish and Sea, Domestic food, Cooked food
Excellent offer of grilled dishes, roast meat, prepared meals, fish. Everything fresh and warm. Order and enjoy


4.1 / 1074
Mačvanska nn
65 minutes. Delivery until 22:45
Minimum: 6.00 KM
Free delivery
Promo codes
Grill, Chicken
Mira grill offers you a variety of grilled meals prepared by original recipes by Leskovac grill maestro and fish ... with a number of gratis salads and side dishes.

Urban Food Bordo Plus

4.6 / 1208
Vase Pelagica 24
60 minutes. Delivery until 21:50
Minimum: 9.00 KM
Free delivery
Promo codes
Mediterranean food, Italian food, Sandwiches, Pizza, Pancakes, Vegetarian food, Mexican food
Taste pizzas, tortillas, noodles, meal salads, sandwiches. Delicious specialties for your everyday enjoy!

Cevabdzinica kod Mahe

4.6 / 14
Kralja Petra I Karadjordjevica 20
45 minutes. Delivery until 19:00
Minimum: 10.00 KM
Free delivery
Grill, Domestic food
Traditional well known grill specialties. Flavor of grill and taste that can not be forgotten. Order online and enjoy!

Rostiljnica Laguna

4.7 / 490
Dragise Vasica 14
55 minutes. Delivery until 22:00
Minimum: 7.00 KM
Free delivery
Promo codes
Grill, Pancakes, Chicken, Desserts, Fish and Sea, Cooked food
Home-made dishes, grill dishes, prepared dishes, specialties, desserts! 25 years of experience put in every bite. Order online and enjoy!

Banjalucanka Plus

4.5 / 440
Dr. Mladena Stojanovica 77
45 minutes. Delivery until 21:30
Minimum: 5.00 KM
Free delivery
Promo codes
Grill, Chicken, Vegetarian food, Fish and Sea
Let the house of Banjalucki cevapi be in your home! Try out pork, veal and chicken grill dishes in a bun or in a plate combination. Bon appetite!

Cevabdzinica Mrvica

4.0 / 9
Milosa Obilica 3
40 minutes. Delivery until 21:00
Minimum: 9.00 KM
Free delivery
Tasty grill in a just few clicks comes to you. Order and enjoy!

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