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Sushi Bar Wasabi

Jovana Tomasevica B-2
Delivery starts at 08:00
Minimum: 1.00 EUR
Free delivery
Vegetarian, Fish and Sea, Desserts, Fit food, Asian food, Japanese food, Thai food
Try specialties of Japanese cuisine carefully made by great cooks. Right from renowned Japanese restaurant, from Bar, piece of East tradition at your doorstep!

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Sushi Salmon Popular

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Sushi Tuna


Sushi Shrimps


Sushi Smoked eel Popular

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Sushi Salmon caviar


Sushi Flying fish caviar Popular


Sushi Spice salmon


Sushi Spice tuna


Sushi Spice eel Popular


Sushi Spice shell


Sushi Spice shrimps



Sashimi Salmon Popular


Sashimi Tuna


Sashimi Shrimp


Smoked eel sashimi


Sashimi salmon caviar


Sashimi Flying fish caviar



Sake-maki Popular

Roll with salmon

Ebi-maki Popular

Rolls with prawns
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Roll with avocado
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Roll with cucumber


Roll with tuna


Roll with takuan


Roll with vegetables

Shrimp-roll Popular

Roll with fried prawns, melted cheese and avocado
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Roll with fried chicken, vegetables and sweet chili sauce


Roll with prosciutto, tomato, melted cheese and fresh salad


Roll with marinated tuna, omelette, leek and cucumber

Spicy salmon-roll

Roll with salmon, flying fish caviar, leek, cucumber and spicy sauce

Spicy tuna-roll

Roll with tuna, flying fish caviar, leek, cucumber and spicy sauce

Salmon Tempura

Roll with salmon fried in tempura dough, leek, melted cheese and red caviar


Roll with smoked eel, cucumber, walnuts and Unagi sauce


Warm rolls with smoked eel, fresh salmon, cucumber and flying fish caviar
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Philadelphia Popular

Roll with salmon, melted cheese and cucumber
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California Popular

Rolls with prawns, avocado and flying fish caviar
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Roll with fried chicken, tomato, salad and Caesar sauce

Tuna Tempura

Roll with tuna fried in Тempura dough, with avocado, melted cheese and flying fish caviar


Roll with avocado, melted cheese, smoked eel and Unagi sauce
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Chef roll

Roll with eel, shrimp, salmon, flying fish caviar, avocado, cream cheese and sause


Sushi set

2 salmon, 2 tuna, 2 shrimp, 2 tamago
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Gunkan set

2 spice salmon, 2 spice tuna, 2 spice prawns, 2 spice mussels

Sashimi set

Salmon, tuna and prawns

Kioto set

Philadelphia, Prosciutto-roll, Spicy Tuna roll, Chicken roll

Tokyo set

2 sushi salmon , 2 spice tuna, California, Shrimp Roll, Wasabi roll

Wasabi set

4 sushi salmon, 4 sushi tuna, Philadelphia, Unagi Roll, Salmon Tempura Roll, Wasabi roll
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Ship set

4 sushi shrimp, 4 spicy salmon, 2 tamago sushi, 2 sushi salmon caviar


Sushi Monte

Fresh vegetables salad with salmon rolls, olives and homemade cheese

Tuna salad

Marinated tuna with mixed fresh salad


Salad with chicken fillet fried in a spicy sweet sauce


Smoked eel, avocado, lettuce leaves, Tofu soy cheese

Caesar Wasabi style

Salad with chicken in teriyaki sauce, parmesan, vegetables in Caesar sauce


Miso soup

Soup with tofu, leek and wakame seaweed
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Soup with salmon, leeks, Japanese rice and aromatic sesame oil

Thai chicken

Thai chicken soup with noodles and vegetables

Tom Yan Kha

Thai soup with prawns and coconut milk

Tom Yan Kung Spicy

Thai spicy soup with prawns

Hot meals

Nasi Goren

Fried rice on Indonesian style with seafood


Rice with vegetables
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Buckwheat noodles with vegetables, soy sauce and sesame


Fried chicken fillet in sauce with rice and vegetables

Tempura asortiman

Prawns, squids, salmon, zucchini, Bulgarian paprika, carrot, served in classic sauce


Vegetables in Tempura dough

Ebi Kushi Yaki

Prawns kabob


Hot smoked eel Kabajaki in Japanese rice with classical sauce and fried sesame

Dorado Teriyaki

Sea bream fillet with seafood, noodles and vegetables in teriyaki sauce

Ebi Teriyaki

Fried prawns with noodles and vegetables in classic Japanese sauce


Pork prepared in classic sauce with buckwheat noodles


Veal prepared with rice in Ton-kacu sauce


Kabob chicken fillet
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Steamed rice


Sweet roll

With strawberries, melted cheese and mint ice cream

Fruit in caramel


Fried bananas

In tempura dough

Nutella hot balls

With almond in coconut flour and sesame ice cream


Water 0.25 l


Mineral water 0.25 l


Juice 0.2 l


Coca Cola 0.25 l


Sprite 0.25 l


Fanta 0.25 l


Schweppes Bitter lemon 0.25 l


Cockta 0.25 л


Ice tea 0.2 l


Red bull 0.25 l


Somersby 0.33 l


Red wines

Vranac Plantaze


Cabernet Plantaze 0.75 l


Merlot Plantaze 0.75 l


Homemade red wine Mali Podrum Harmonia 0.75 l


White wines

Sauvignon Plantaze 0.75 л


Krstac Plantaze


Homemade white wine Mali Podrum Harmonia 0.75 l


Chardonnay Plantaze


Rose wines

Rose Plantaze 0.75 l





Asti Martini 0.75 l


Moet 0.75 l



Niksicko beer 0.33 l


Niksicko gold beer 0.25 l


Bavaria 0.25 l


Bavaria 0% 0.25 l


Beck's 0.25 l


Heineken 0.25 l



Monday08:00 - 00:00
Tuesday08:00 - 00:00
Wednesday08:00 - 00:00
Thursday08:00 - 00:00
Friday08:00 - 00:00
Saturday08:00 - 00:00
Sunday08:00 - 00:00


Delivery info: For orders with total less then 50 euros delivery charge apply 25 euros.
For orders with total less then 100 euros delivery charge apply 15 euros.
For orders over 100 euros delivery is free.

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