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Sushi Bar Wasabi

Jovana Tomasevica B-2
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Vegetarian, Fish and Sea, Desserts, Fit food, Asian food, Japanese food, Thai food
Try specialties of Japanese cuisine carefully made by great cooks. Right from renowned Japanese restaurant, from Bar, piece of East tradition at your doorstep!

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Omelet with tomato New


Omelet with home-made cheese New


Omelet with prosciutto New


Japanese style omelet New


Fried eggs with wurstel and french fries New


Sandwich with chicken and french fries New


Sandwich with prosciutto, omelet and french fries New


Tortilla with chicken and french fries New


Cold appetizers

Tiradito Spicy New

Thinly sliced Norwegian salmon with spicy sauce Tiradito

Ponzu New

Thinly sliced tuna with ponzu sauce

Beef–tataki New

Grilled beefsteak with sauce of lemon and garlic

Tuna tar-tar New

Wasabi style Tar-tar tuna with truffle sauce

Beef tar-tar New

Tar-tar from American beefsteak with apple and pears

Beefsteak Carpaccio New


Salmon Carpaccio New


Carpaccio Lobster New


Tuna furikake New

Fried furikake tuna with wasabi sauce

Warm appetizer

Milko Wasabi New

Fried prawns with mango in Milko Wasabi sauce

Tori New

Stuffed chicken breasts with bacon, mushrooms, red paprika and spinach

Japanese prosciutto pizza New

Rice pizza with prosciutto, cucumber and sour cream

Japanese salmon pizza New

Rice pizza with salmon, cucumber and sour cream

Tuna Furikaki hot New

Fried tuna fillet in mustard sauce

Miso eggplant New

Grilled eggplant with miso sauce

Spring roll New

Rice roll with gilthead, prawns, spinach and mozzarella

Edamame with sea salt New


Fried hot Edamame New



Prawns New


Squid New


Gilthead New


Salmon New


Chicken fillet New


Chicken drumstick New


Beefsteak New


Pork ribs New


Veshalitsa New


Lamb ribs New




Hot smoked eel Kabajaki in Japanese rice with classical sauce and fried sesame

Baby squid Teriyaki New

Squids in teriyaki sauce

San Pjer Miso New

San Pierre fish fillets, marinated in miso sauce, grilled

Salmon Teriyaki New

Scottish salmon in teriyaki sauce with spinach

Shrimp tempura New

Prawns in tempura dough

Gilthead baked in salt New


Sea bass baked in salt New


Baked gilthead New


Lobster Kishimi New

Grilled lobster meat with vegetables and spicy noodles Kishimi

Side dishes

Fried rice with vegetables New


Fried rice with chicken New


Fried rice with beefsteak New


Fried rice with prawns, vegetables and garlic New


Fried rice with garlic New


Fried rice with eggs New


Fried rice with pork New


Grilled vegetables New


Steamed vegetables New


Gohan New

Steamed rice

Yaki Udong New

Fried noodles with vegetables and tuna

Somen New

Buckwheat noodles with vegetables, soy sauce and sesame

French fries New


Children's menu

Soup of Norwegian salmon New


Chicken soup with home-made noodles New


Kabob of chicken, zucchini and paprika New


Kabob of salmon with cherry New


Hamburger with french fries New


Rice pudding with coconut milk and mango New


Children sushi banana and kiwi New

6 pieces

Meal salads

Millennium Sake New

Millennium style sashimi salad with hot sauce of sesame and salmon

Millennium Maguro New

Millennium style sashimi salad with spicy sauce of sesame and tuna

Avocado salad New

Avocado salad with prawns, cherry tomato and mashed kiwi

Kaiso New

Japanese seaweed salad with peanut sauce

Wakame tako New

Japanese Wakame seaweed salad and octopus

Wakame Ika New

Japanese Wakame seaweed salad with squids

Taiger Praun salad New

Salad with prawns, avocado and rocket

Harusame Yasai New

Warm salad of Japanese rice noodles with vegetables

Harusame Beef New

Warm salad of Japanese rice noodles with veal

Harusame Sea New

Warm salad of Japanese rice noodles with seafood

Caprese salad New

Caprese salad with mozzarella cheese, prosciutto and rocket

Sushi Monte

Fresh vegetables salad with salmon rolls, olives and homemade cheese


Salad with chicken fillet fried in a spicy sweet sauce


Smoked eel, avocado, lettuce, Tofu soy cheese

Caesar Wasabi style

Salad with chicken in teriyaki sauce, parmesan, vegetables in Caesar sauce

Lobster salad New

Meat of lobster in a mild sauce, lettuce


Miso soup

Soup with tofu, leek and wakame seaweed
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Sake miso New

Soup with Tofu, leek, Wakame seaweed and salmon

Unagi miso New

Soup with Tofu, leek, Wakame seaweed and eel

Spicy chicken New

Hot chicken soup with Japanese noodles and vegetables

Tom Yam Kha

Thai soup with prawns and coconut milk

Tom Yan Kung Spicy

Thai spicy soup with prawns

Nabe udong New

Japanese dumpling soup with prawns and vegetables

Unagi soup New

Hot Japanese soup with eel tails

Main dishes


Veal prepared with rice in Ton-kacu sauce

Beef Harumaki New

Veal with mozzarella, spinach and sauce mushtarde

Ginger pork New

Pork in sweet ginger sauce with rice


Fried chicken fillet in sauce with rice and vegetables

Lamb Furikaki New

Lamb ribs with sauce mushtarde


Kabob chicken fillet
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Kastel chicken New

Chicken wings with honey in sauce Kastel

Kastel pork New

Grilled pork ribs with honey in sauce Kastel

Tofu shitake New

Tofu soy cheese steak with shiitake mushrooms

Tempura asortiman

Prawns, squids, salmon, zucchini, Bulgarian paprika, carrot, served in classic sauce


Vegetables in Tempura dough

Nigiri sushi

Sushi Salmon Popular

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Sushi Tuna


Sushi Smoked eel Popular

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Sushi Shrimps


Sushi Tamago New


Gunkan Sushi

Sushi Salmon caviar


Sushi Flying fish caviar Popular


Sushi Spice salmon


Sushi Spice shell


Sushi Spice shrimps


Sushi Spice tuna


Sushi Spice eel Popular


Sushi Sake caesar New


Sushi Tori gunkan New



Sashimi Salmon Popular


Sashimi Tuna


Sashimi Shrimp


Smoked eel sashimi


Sashimi salmon caviar


Sashimi Flying fish caviar


Maki sushi

Sake-maki Popular

Roll with salmon

Ebi-maki Popular

Rolls with prawns
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Roll with avocado
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Roll with cucumber


Roll with vegetables


Roll with tuna

Spicy salmon-roll

Roll with salmon, flying fish caviar, leek, cucumber and spicy sauce

Spicy tuna-roll

Roll with tuna, flying fish caviar, leek, cucumber and spicy sauce


Roll with fried chicken, tomato, salad and Caesar sauce

Salmon Tempura

Roll with salmon fried in tempura dough, leek, melted cheese and red caviar

Tuna Tempura

Roll with tuna fried in Тempura dough, with avocado, melted cheese and flying fish caviar


Roll with fried chicken, vegetables and sweet chili sauce


Roll with smoked eel, cucumber, walnuts and Unagi sauce

Shrimp-roll Popular

Roll with fried prawns, melted cheese and avocado
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Roll with smoked eel, salmon, tobiko, tomago, cucumber and hot cheese

Uramaki sushi


Roll with avocado, melted cheese, smoked eel and Unagi sauce
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Philadelphia Popular

Roll with salmon, melted cheese and cucumber
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Bonito New

Roll with fried salmon skin, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, leek and hot sauce

Green Dragon New

Rolls with avocado, Japanese eel, Tobiko and Unagi sauce

Red Dragon New

Rolls with salmon, eel, tobiko and Japanese mayonnaise

Rainbow roll New

Roll with salmon, tuna, shrimp, avocado, eel, cucumber and tobiko

Tobiko roll New

Rolls with prawns, salmon, tobiko, avocado, cucumber and hot cheese

California Popular

Rolls with prawns, avocado and flying fish caviar
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Roll with prosciutto, tomato, melted cheese and fresh salad

California sesame New

Roll with salmon, avocado, cucumber and sesame

Warm maki sushi


Warm rolls with smoked eel, fresh salmon, cucumber and flying fish caviar
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Warm roll New

Warm rolls with smoked eel, tobiko, cucumber, warm cheese and sauce Unagi

Singapur roll New

Warm roll with salmon, cucumber, tobiko and warm cheese

Hot tuna roll New

Roll with tuna, tobiko, cucumber, cream cheese and Kimchiem

Samurai New

Warm rolls with smoked eel, prawns, avocado, warm cheese and sauce of walnuts

Specialty maki sushi

Salmonaki roll New

Rolls with prawns, Japanese eel, salmon, tobiko, avocado, cream cheese and baked in a cream sauce

Montenegro roll New

Roll with prawns, avocado, rocket, prosciutto, cherry tomato and fried in a cream sauce

Green roll New

Roll with salmon, tuna, prawns, tobiko and leek in spicy sauce

Pink panther crispy roll New

Roll with salmon fried in tempura dough, melted cheese and cucumber

Pink Panther roll New

Roll with fried prawns, melted cheese, avocado, tamago, tobiko and salmon caviar


My first sushi

Ebi maki ½, ½ Sake maki, Philadelphia ½, ½ California, 1 Spice eel, 1 tuna Spice

Sushi set

2 salmon, 2 tuna, 2 shrimp, 2 tamago
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Gunkan set

2 spice salmon, 2 spice tuna, 2 spice prawns, 2 spice mussels

Sashimi set

Salmon, tuna and prawns

Kioto set

Philadelphia, Chicken roll, Bonito and Salmonaki roll

Tokyo set

2 sushi salmon , 2 spice tuna, California, Shrimp Roll, Red Dragon

Wasabi set

4 sushi salmon, 4 Spicy Shrimp, Philadelphia, Unagi roll, Wasabi roll and Montenegro roll
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Ship set

4 sushi shrimp, 4 spicy salmon, 2 tamago sushi, Futomaki roll, Duga roll, Salmonaki roll, Singapur roll, Hot tuna roll and Pink Panther roll


Sweet roll

With strawberries, melted cheese and mint ice cream

Fried bananas

In tempura dough

Nutella hot balls

With almond in coconut flour and sesame ice cream

Chocolate rolls with fruits and almond


Marzipan cake


Japanese cheesecake with hazelnuts


Tri leche

Biscuit in milk with caramel sauce

Mango - banana

Banana and mango with sauce of vine

Chocolate castor sugar


Vanilla harumaki

Ice cram roasted in harumaki dough

Toffee apple

Apple in sweet glazes

Pancake with nutella, banana and ice cream



Water 0.25 l


Mineral water 0.25 l


Juice 0.2 l


Coca Cola 0.25 l


Sprite 0.25 l


Fanta 0.25 l


Schweppes Bitter lemon 0.25 l


Cockta 0.25 л


Ice tea 0.2 l


Red bull 0.25 l


Red wines

Vranac Plantaze


Cabernet Plantaze 0.75 l


Merlot Plantaze 0.75 l


Homemade red wine Mali Podrum Harmonia 0.75 l


White wines

Sauvignon Plantaze 0.75 л


Krstac Plantaze


Homemade white wine Mali Podrum Harmonia 0.75 l


Chardonnay Plantaze


Rose wines

Rose Plantaze 0.75 l





Asti Martini 0.75 l


Moet 0.75 l



Niksicko beer 0.33 l


Niksicko gold beer 0.25 l


Bavaria 0.25 l


Bavaria 0% 0.25 l


Beck's 0.25 l


Heineken 0.25 l



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Sunday08:00 - 00:00


Delivery info: For orders with total less then 50 euros delivery charge apply 25 euros.
For orders with total less then 100 euros delivery charge apply 15 euros.
For orders over 100 euros delivery is free.

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Grill, sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, bruschetti, soups, fish and pancakes - all of that at one place. Great offer for true gourmands. Bon appetite!