Ustipci small - Buffalo centar Delivery

Ustipci small.....2.00 EUR

200 grams of meat. Minced meat, trappist cheese


Side dishes (maximum 3 adittions)

Maximum number of options: 3

Instructions (not required)

Please specify any special preparation or package requests, like 'no garlic', or 'for John'... Food special requests may result in additional charges.


Buffalo centar

4.6 / 16
Trg Bozane Vucinic
30 minutes. Delivery until 23:30
Minimum: 5.00 EUR
Free delivery
Sandwiches, Grill, Montenegrian food
Leskovacke or gourmand pljeskavica, sandwiches or maybe pancakes? This choice is yours! One thing is certain, whatever you order, you can't go wrong!