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Riblja konoba

Stefana Prvovencanog 5
45 minutes. Delivery until 22:00
Minimum: 1,000.00 RSD
Free delivery
Online payments
Cooked meals, Fish and Sea, Vegetarian food, Desserts, Mediterranean food, Serbian food
Great choice of river and sea fish specialties. Warm appetizers, prepared dishes, seafood and home-made dishes - for your complete meal and pleasure!


Bulevar Nemanjica 103/40
40 minutes. Delivery until 21:00
Minimum: 1,000.00 RSD
Free delivery
Cooked meals, Grill
A large selection of appetizers, soups, salads, cooked dishes, grilled dishes and other specialties. Choose from a variety of offers and expect delivery soon.

Stari Alas

Dragise Cvetkovica 50
45 minutes. Delivery until 23:00
Minimum: 1,000.00 RSD
0.00 - 200.00 RSD
Cooked meals, Fish and Sea, Vegetarian food, Serbian food, Grill
Fish meals and specialties prepared only with fresh fish, right from the kitchen of old Nis fisherman and chef. Try also other traditional Serbian meals and grill specialties.

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