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Venis Fast Food

Nikola Pasic 34
Minimum: 500.00 RSD
Free delivery
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Sandwiches, Pancakes, Serbian food, Breakfast
To complete the mood, the most complete menu complete bun in the city. Venis Restaurant offers sandwiches and abundant rich taste that will not make you indifferent.


Vrsacka 9
Delivery starts at 10:30
Minimum: 700.00 RSD
0.00 - 100.00 RSD
Online payments Promo codes
Grill, Serbian food, Chicken
Large offer of top quality grill dishes. The best of Serbian cuisine. Pljeskavitsa, kabobs, meat medallions, veshalitsa, chicken wings, sausages and much more.

Ni Hao Nis

DuĊĦanova 52
Delivery starts at 14:00
Minimum: 800.00 RSD
Free delivery
Chicken, International food, Asian food, Chinese food
Chinese cuisine on your doorstep. Pork, veal and chicken, a combination of different flavors, spices and sauces, will enrich your everyday meals and bring something delicious and interesting in your home

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