How to order food online? is free online food ordering service. It enables you to find the restaurants that do delivery, fast and easy. In few minutes you can order food in a few easy steps and save your time, your nerves, and sometimes even your money. is completily free for its users. The price of the food you order is the same as it is in the restaurants.

You don't need the telephone or to call a restaurant, because all the restaurants in network are directly connected to internet. Your order will be sent through this website and you will also get the answer on this website - is the order accepted and what is delivery time.

Telephone ordering is a matter of past! 

Experienced users order food in less than 30 seconds! 

If you are not already our user, you can  register for free and pass a short procedure by entering your details for delivery. You will also need a mobile phone, as your activation code for this internet service will be sent to the number that you provide. If you want, you can also pass the registration process during your first order. 

Choose the restaurant you want either by choosing the cuisine you prefer, by reading other users comments or by map.

For the restaurant you choose, in the left column you will get all the details important for delivery purpose - minimum for delivery, working time and special discounts.

Take a look at the offer of the restaurant and choose the dishes you want. By clicking on the name of the dish in the menu, you will get additional options if they exist. Options can be the size of the portion, extra ingredients, etc. If some options are charged extra, the price of the option is listed with it.

Than, you choose quantity you want.

If you have some additional instructions for food preparing, click on link Instructions and write it.

Should you like to check similar food in other restaurants, you can click on tags listed below every product. 

Food is ordered through shopping cart, placed in the right column on website. You put the products there by clicking the button Add!. After you clicked, the product will be visible in your shopping cart. You do the same for all the product you want. If you want to remove some product from the shopping cart, just click X button next to it.

When you finish ordering, click the Delivery button on the bottom of your shopping cart.

Until your order is less than a minimal required for the specific restaurant, the button Delivery will be unactive. Once the amount of your order is enough, the button Delivery will be activated.

After you clicked Delivery button, you will get the page with the delivery specification for particular restaurant. Please read the restrictions and conditions (for example, details about the zone of delivery, about some condition of delivery, etc.).

After that, check your details for delivery. If you want to change delivery address for some other from the delivery zone of the restaurant, you can do that here.

You can also give prefered time of delivery, if you don't want it to be soonest possible.

Check again your delivery details and click on a button Submit.

Your order is still not sent to the restaurant and you can change it if you want.

This is the last step in ordering. Please check again the content of your shopping cart and you delivery details.

Now you can give some additional details about order, either for food preparing or further explanations to delivery person.

Also, if you have limited time for waiting for the food, you can specify your maximal waiting time, in minutes. 

If you specify maximal time too short, the restaurant might not be able to accept the order.

That is all, you only need to click button Submit and you order will in few seconds be in the restaurant.

Restaurant will check the order (maybe they call you to check the order or some details) and send you the answer and expected time of delivery to your e-mail. You will also get the answer in real time, through the website.

If the restaurant could not accept your order, you will get the reason of cancelling. In that case, try to order from another restaurant.

In the answer from the restaurant you will get the telehone number for all further changes or cancelling of the order.

Now, you only need to wait a little bit and than enjoy in the specialties of the restaurants in network:)

Either you loved the service and the food of the restaurant or not, we and our users will be very grateful to you if you share your impressions with us. 

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